An expression of superiority used by many males and some females on their partners after sexual intercourse. The superior person urinates all over his or hers companion, degrading them, making them feel the inferior person in the relationship. Sometimes used for recreational purposes.
Dude, she wigged me out, i had just pulled a Lord Byron on her and then she asked me to Shear her, so I had to run.
by Alex Sklar May 24, 2004
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A verb, meaning to pick up girls without having to talk, just grind it.
Did you see Dave with that little girl?

-Yeah, he's shearing it up so hard on the dance floor, he will probably bag it tonight.
by reginaspizza April 05, 2009
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a person that is not part of a larger group. Such groups are jocks, preps, nerds. A shears is a person that doesn't fit into any of the said groups.
"That Mike kid is a total shears."
by Michael Shears April 01, 2007
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A large penis. Usually belongs to an overdeveloped male of short stature. The uses for a shear include: "shearing", destruction, and scaring of 8th grade girls at Trevor's house.
Dude, did you see that Shear? It was insane!
by Alex Sklar's Twin May 25, 2004
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