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Up Yours in Farsi. Using the Thumbs Up.
1. Driver Misses Pedestrian at Crossing. Pedestrian shows Thumbs Up, Shast, meaning - Up Yours.

2. Angry man says; β€œ*** and your Ancestors” , and for completion shows Thumbs Up, Shast.
by AL1 5HA November 22, 2009
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When different music from multiple sources can be heard at once.
"The cars in the parking lot are all blasting their music, and boy this is not shasting well for me."

"Wow these two songs shast surprisingly well."
by Jinx114 July 01, 2009
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To screw over or to be fucked.

Someone who does somthing to leave others in a bad situation.

A term used to describe an unfortunate situation which is usually the result of one or more persons taking advantage of another. Under normal circumstances the person does not know that they have been 'shasted over' until it is too late.

Being 'shasted over' does not normally relate to physical violence/assault; it is more suited to describing a feeling of betrayal experienced when one realises that someone you once trusted has been deceiving you for their personal gain.
I got shasted.

They shasted me, again.

I am going to shast them all.
by Mike Marri July 07, 2011
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