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When you place your mouth upon someone else's anus and proceed to inhale as they shart. Like a shottie, except with a shart.
Bro 1: Yo bro, shit got weird the other night with my girl. she gave me a shartie
Bro 2: A shottie bro?! I didn't know you smoked!
Bro 1: Nah bro I sucked a shart out of her anus
by YiddishMeats16 November 29, 2016
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The point of drunkenness that is sufficiently passed buzzed, but not belligerently drunk.

A happy medium that could be defined as the perfect drunk.
"Dude I got so shitty last night I threw up"

"That's why I only got shartie and took that girl home."
by BryanRich525 January 28, 2012
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