a person who is extremely smart even though they may not always show it.

a person possessing an extremely large penis, more in length than width but can very from person to person
Person # 1 - damn that was the biggest dick i've ever seen
Person # 2 - you must have been with a sharper
Person # 3 - how did you know?
by kaliffa1122 January 22, 2011
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From the eponymous company line of products. Saying "Sharper Image" before an item automatically makes it high-end. Usually, it denotes a high-cost but low-value product that, while appeling to rich folk, those who think they're rich, or those who want to live the high-life, was nevertheless manufactured in China like every other product common people buy.

Since the company filed for bankruptcy, the Sharper Image brand has significantly lost appeal, and is now-a-days synonymous with wasting money on over-priced goods.
"I got these Trump Steaks off Sharper Image, they cost me $100 a pound so they must be delicious."
"Fully endorsed by Donald Trump.... Nice! We're gonna make a great impression at the Young Republicans meeting."
by AvianEddy June 02, 2009
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one who aspires to improve themselves by use of a professional 'coach'
A CEO who has a Business Coach is a 'sharper pencil'
by Blind_Dog August 27, 2008
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The best team in the world, plays basketball, soccer, handball and baseball. The positions for basketball are Center - Lorenzo el Perverso - Point Guard - Sharp The Great - Shooting Guard - Gas On - For more informatoin please ask in the trailer park. The Coach is Called PAPA SHARPMEN, its a war hero, a legend, a soccer player, basketball, handball, swiming champ, he plays in a band, he has won 15 world cups in POLO and he has played soccer for 10 different nations in the world. He was once known as Papa Sharpmen du Nacimento or Diego Armando Paparola.
by Sharpers Fan December 05, 2003
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A gang of Harders and sounders who do what they want. Drink hundredth bevs and spout, mouth and shout (s.m.s) at who they want!!!
Tochar house every Saturday night!!! Sharpers
by Dave byrne January 06, 2012
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