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"Yo that girl cheepin'." "Yo girl is a cheep bruh." "It aint nothin' cut that cheep off." "Yeah I was talkin' to her but she turned out to be a real cheep."
by JohnnyBlaze562 November 04, 2014
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Cheeps are Jacquie's version of "Peeps", which are marshmallow bunnies, ducks, or chickens. They're much cooler, ghetto-er, and tastier than Big Webb's stupid Peeps.
The uber marshmallowness of the Cheeps pwned the crappiness of the Peeps.
by Saint Jacquie November 28, 2005
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Cheep - (verb) a cheep is when you hit someone with your entire stomach at full speed while exhaling all of your air in your lungs
Aye yo what happend to Gub?”
“Oh she was cheeped all the way to China.”
by BlickyUhh June 11, 2018
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