sharni is a very caring girl with a amazing personality and she would be a great girlfriend. She is loyal and nice and can be quiet at times but when she is around people she is close to she will be out going and probably won’t shut up. You would be lucky to be in a sharni’s life because it will be lifted with joy and happiness
Ella: Oh look it’s sharni
Everyone: whoop whoop life just got a lot better
by March 2, 2019
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Someone who laughs when its not funny.
Shaz:: Nobody laughs at my jokes *Makes sad face*
Alfie:: Thats because they're not funny
Ash:: Thank god we have a Sharni in our group
Sharni:: *Laughs uncontrollably*
by BrookeHale September 18, 2008
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Sharni is a happy intelligent beautiful girl. She is very smart and she smiles a lot. The is a famous model named Sharni. When you meet her she is very friendly and she talks a lot and she is funny 😂 she is half girly half Tom boy . She means marvellous . She likes looking pretty. She is the most popular girl in her class . 💋👩🏾 🦱✍🏽💄
OMG that’s SHARNI she is so friendly and cute . You should be her friend
by By Ta’liyah Jones October 20, 2019
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A Sharni is a type of person who can be mega sassy one minute, and cute and adorable then next. Sharni will always be by your side through thick and thin no matter what. She might steal your man the moment she meets them. Sharni’s are very hot, and extremely cute. She gives the biggest hugs and is very passionate about what she says/states. Sharni will laugh about anything and everything, as soon as she starts laughing it will be very difficult to make her stop. Overall, if you have a Sharni in your life keep her close by you, because you will need her.
Ella: “tells a joke
No one laughs
Sharni: “laughs histerically”
by P3opl3 0f th3 w0rld December 9, 2018
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Sharni is a hot girl and is always loyal. She loves everyone. She tends to laugh uncontrollably and like a different person every week. There best attraction for a boyfriend is someone with red hair.
Sharni on December 5: I like him
Sharni on December 12: I don’t like him anymore I prefer this guy.
by Restrictions December 10, 2017
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A Beautiful Young Lady. Very quiet and shy. She attract a lot of guys. A very lighthearted person but still seem to have a lot of enemies. Care a bout others feelings and also likes to share. Falls in love quickly. Not a fighter but will fight if comes to it. Doesn't a worry about negative opinions of others.
Sharnie: A pretty black girl, popular where ever she goes.
by TasteMyPretty December 9, 2010
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A girl who goes from mega sassy to cute and adorable
sharni: guuurl! your face is so ugs

next minute*
sharni: your beautiful dont let anyone tell you your not!
by lukebrooksofficial February 24, 2013
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