Not national but important day when you can ask out your crush and if they say no slap them
Person 1: hey it’s December 12
wanna go out with me sometime

Person 2: lol no u ugly
Person 1: -slaps brutally-
by Apersonthatisreal October 29, 2019
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The most prettiest and hottest people are born on this day they are the most holy people they are creative and are very attractive they are also the cutest ! They are usually very kind and crazy and outgoing but let’s remember not to mess with them !!!!! They are some great people to have fun with !
December 12: the most beautiful people are born
by 1.Princess.1 October 21, 2019
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Today is national hold a girls hand day!!!

When you see a girl grab her hand!
Mike: oh there’s Sofia I’m going to go hold her hand since it’s December 12
Sofia: ☺️
by emmaL December 7, 2019
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National kick your ginger friend day!!! If you have a ginger friend you can kick them for the whole day.
Girl: hey are u ginger!!!
Ginger: ya
Girl: Guess what it’s December 12 (KICK)
by not a ginger December 12, 2019
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Even though this day has to do with sex, the boy/girl born on this day are very HOLY CHILDREN (not rlly) but overall they are handsome (pretty) and most of the time have gorgeous blue eyes! People born on this day have either over protective parents or not protective enough! They crave affection and attention but are to scared to ask!
Kid 1: hey what day are you born on?
Kid 2: December 12
Kid 1: Really man! Not surprised your eyes are gorgeous!
by Dill..pickle October 16, 2019
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