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Is a hot , beautiful indivual who can be hurt easily ,

This person may be a bad ass at point but other than that this person may be sensitive ,

This may may be the one your lookign for but you would have to look at the good point of this person,

Sharmane is an amazing friend who will protect the ones that would protect them ,

This person likes to have a good time ,

This person ( if you treat them right with respect ) may be easy to get acesse to ( if you know what i mean ) ,

And last this person is easy going .
person 1=heeey do you know Sharmane ?

person 2=Yeah s{he}s like a boss

person 1=yeaah .. s{he}s always fun to hang around

person 2=i know and she easy going but rough around the edges

person 1=who cares she soo outgoing and fun to chil with

person 2=i love being her/his friend their amazingly pretty/hansom

person 1=i agree
by LikeABoss. October 11, 2011
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