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-v. (past tense)

To get your underwear pulled down in public by a stranger.
Ex 1. That guy just sharked the girl at the drink machine.

Ex 2. Don't go to Japan. My mom got sharked 3 times while she was over there.
by PalePumpkinHead March 31, 2008
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A term used to describe when a male has successfully pulled your girlfriend/girl you have your eye on or girl you have already been chatting up. Can often result in small scale dancefloor fights between friends or strangers.
Dan, you have just been sharked by will, big time.
by The Finster chief May 22, 2007
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The act of getting taken advantage by a girl. A very serious and problematic occurrence when a girl uses your currently intoxicated or just manly mind to take advantage of you sexually.
GT was weak and got sharked last night. Sucks to suck.
by Fenam March 28, 2010
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V. Past tense. To stay sober at a party or bar in order to better chase your drunken pray in hopes of a hook up or slam.
"You know that quiet girl in our religion class? She totally sharked me last night."

"I'm not drinking tonight. I'm going sharking."
by Gage Horn February 17, 2012
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To be checked on and/or watched by office personnel. Activity is most common to events in which people may be having too much fun or are getting loud enough for it to be obvious that work activities are not being performed.

To be caught participating in a non-productive activity.
John's doing another lap around the cubicles; we are totally being sharked.

or -

Seeing any more than three people in a cubicle at any given time caused the office manager to shark the building.
by Lori Wildrick August 30, 2007
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To distract. To intentionally or unintentionally mess someone up from doing something.
"I would have hit the ball perfectly, but I she sharked me when she called me ugly."
by BrooklynnS January 22, 2008
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