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-v. (past tense)

To get your underwear pulled down in public by a stranger.
Ex 1. That guy just sharked the girl at the drink machine.

Ex 2. Don't go to Japan. My mom got sharked 3 times while she was over there.
by PalePumpkinHead March 31, 2008

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–noun (offensive)

1. a person with a penis the size of a thumb.
2. a stupid, irritating, jackass.
ftballrulz: WAna cyber ?
PalePumpkinHead: This is your mother, thumbdick.
ftballrulz: u r a bull dyke.
by PalePumpkinHead March 16, 2007

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–adj. (offensive)

Full of fail.
Trish: Pam and I are the only ones that remembered what to bring to the party.
Pam: Dale forgot the forks.
Dale: No one wants your faily cake anyway.
by PalePumpkinHead February 14, 2008

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–noun (offensive)

Chatspeak for loser.
PEteWeNtZqrl: hay every 1
PalePumpkinHead: He prefers guys.
PEteWeNtZqrl: watev u lsr
by PalePumpkinHead March 19, 2007

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