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An extremely painful skateboarding injury where the edge or point of your tail/nose stabs into your ankle(s). Increases in pain and severity the more razor tailed your nose or tail becomes.
Gnarly dude A: Damn dude, check out the shark bite George got from that bail on the Blunt Fakie from yesterday.

*Shows Gnarly dude B picture on phone*

Gnarly dude B: Fuck eh? That shit looks infected, yo. Them shits may require amputation...
by bewbays July 15, 2017
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When your with a girl who uses too much teeth when she gives you head!
Dude I took my blind date home last night and she went down on me..dude all she did was shark bite! All over my shit!
by Hom2436 January 24, 2018
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When in a position where a polite person would act against his/her own self-interest, you remain assertive for personal gain.
"Hey man, I wasn't sure whether or not you wanted a sandwich so I just got the one."
"Here, I'll take this one. You go get yourself another sandwich."
"What the...?"
"Sharkbite, bitch!"

"Lets cut to the chase -- There are two types of people, sheep and sharks."
by Dypsymphuliac December 25, 2009
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When you are going down on a woman and discover she is on the rag and has a tampon string hanging out (see "ripcord"). Determined to eat her out, you take the string in your mouth and bite down, ripping it out with your teeth. After thrashing it back and forth a bit, you fling it over one shoulder with your mouth. In order to properly complete the shark bite, you must proceed with performing oral sex on the woman.
I discovered she was on the rag, but wanted to eat her out anyway. My only choice was to give her a shark bite. Boy, was she surprised.
by ESQ July 11, 2006
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When an individual (typically a guy) stealthily creeps up on a girl and bites her on the ass, making her jump in astonishment/pain. A ring of teeth marks signifies a good shark bite.
The shark bite was perfected by a rugby team in Flagstaff, AZ (the Landsharks), where numerous tickets/jail time have been delivered for such actions.
The Landsharks' fullback holds the record for the most shark bites given in one day -- 71.
by Johnny Kansas November 03, 2006
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Non-chalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.
A guy is walking down the street in the East Village. A dog is tied up to a pole, waiting for his owner inside a cafe. The dog jumps towards the man and bites his crotch. The man jumps back and continues walking, ignoring the three people walking behind him that just witnessed this absurd situation. Sharkbite!
by nattiesays September 12, 2010
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While giving your partner anal, at the moment of ejaculation bite her shoulder to make things even tighter!
I cumed like the thunder when i gave the wife a sharkbite last night...
by Billy Milly July 20, 2005
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