A woman who wears full coverage panties, i.e. briefs or granny panties. Fullbacks generally have blatantly visible panty lines.

Fullback can also be used to refer to large panties.
Check out Danielle's panty lines! She's a fullback.

Robin traded in her fullbacks for thongs.

by 0070180 August 13, 2007
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lead blocker; the ugliest girl in a group of girls at the club. It's her job to make sure no one in the club gets any play from the girls in the group.
Yo man, distract the fullback while I holla at her friend.
by O.S.C.A.R. January 24, 2007
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A "code" slang for "fuck bitches." Created and started in Yorkville, IL.
Person 1: Man, this girl has got me trippin.'
Person 2: Don't worry about it, fullbacks!
by Quadpod May 4, 2006
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A Fullbacker is one who pushes others out of the way on a crowded dance floor at a sludgy college bar to reach the painted pole or otherwise significant ornament at the center of the dance floor.
The guy just knocked over six people! Now we can dance near this gold pole. He's a great fullbacker.
by the fullbacker February 4, 2011
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When there's a big crowd and you grab someone in front of you and push them through to get to where you have to be.
How are we gonna get to the stage?
Grab someone we're fullbacking.
by salsa69 September 19, 2009
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When football players get in an argument and stop being acquaintances.

Usually occurs over a slut girl.
Guy A: Jim and Matt are having a fullback fallback over Jennifer.

Guy B: Jennifer? I fucked her behind the Mexican restaurant last week.
by dotVillain May 8, 2009
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1) A girl with very large thighs.
See Rhino Football LeagueRhino Football League/Rhino Football League
"Man, if that girl played football for the Rhino Football League, she'd be a rhino fullback!
by www.drewsportal.tk January 24, 2003
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