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The best person you'll meet in your lifetime. He's smart but sometimes doesn't work to the best of his abilities. He's good looking, lean & muscular with a nice six pack and he's good at sports. People often get his name confused with Stanley but it's fine because Shanley's good at heart and will forgive you. Nice person to hang out with, and very trustworthy. Although he can be shy at times, he will always be there for you when you need him.
Girl : "Met this awesome guy last night, wish i asked for his number"
Girl 2 : "damn i bet he was a Shanley"
by Shankatron February 12, 2018
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usually referring to a girls name.

name commonly confused with that of an asian.

not STANLEY, i repeat....not stanley, but shanley.
girl"yo whos gonna be at da partttyyyy tonight?"
boy"oh you know, my good friend shanley"
boy"fucking shannnnlleeyyy, like shannon."
girl"yo is this bitch asain."
boy"fuckk no"
by maggie smith February 17, 2008
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God's gift to women, Extreamly atractive, muscular/semi muscular who usualy has a six pack, guy who wears tight shits with short hair and a chin strap with a hot girlfriend who most guys look up to, above average in bed
Girl 1: omg he is so cute
Girl 2: i bet his name is shanley
by Jeffy2356234 October 12, 2010
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