A beautiful girl who doesn't think she is. She has beautiful blonde hair that she likes to straighten and has had many heartbreaks but she always gets back up again. A HUGE FAN of Billie Eilish. She also has eyes that change colour depending on her mood. She also likes to bite people!
Damn! That girl is curvy! She MUST be a Shamon!
by Cupcake fun time April 26, 2019
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A sentence-enhancer for those plagued by Tourette's. Or that weird dude in the office that lurks around and jumps into conversations and needs a sure fire word to make his presence felt.

When you don't have a snare drum sprinkled with glitter - but you still want to look cool as shit, bust this bitch out.
Shamon, that was a crazy game last night!

...and I said, "not tonight honey, I'm tightening the bolts on my bike rack!" SHAMON!


Shamon, I was balls deep in that bitch. Shamon.
by Wzzrd Stck September 28, 2007
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