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A female version of Toad from Mario. She's pink, shweet, cute and has two braids.
mushroompinkigurlinifty... damnit! examples of wut??? just lemme press send!!!
by Bubbles April 7, 2005
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An expression of joy/disbelieve/happiness/saddness an all round adjective
shamone mother fucker eeh hee, check my bad self
by Bubbles December 8, 2003
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Something that is very disgusting(1) or someone who is very, very drunk(2)
(1) the puke on that cash machine is Minging

(2)he was so minging last night
by Bubbles October 3, 2003
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(DJ) Loao - Otherwise known as (honorary) kid brother to Bubbles, is a slacker (but in a nice way), knows his music
Don't pick on Loao, he's my lil bro
by Bubbles May 19, 2004
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a word that is standing for a short movi ewith no words only music
It was a montag eof pictures.
by Bubbles November 6, 2003
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Little is known about the popo other than it is a heavenly creature of unearthly origin who is virtually unbeatable at most competitive pursuits... excelling particularly at backgammon, yoshi, dr mario and fill-it-ins. Additionally, Popo is always spelt as Popo(4) not Po po(22).
Popo loves Momo for ever
by Bubbles January 6, 2005
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New use as a VERB.

The act of a homosexual causing a major scene (a.k.a. hissy fit) and doing it with the flair and tempo and volume that only an agitated homosexual can muster.
As in:

"OMG, When the dry cleaners lost my best suit, I was 'queening'"
by Bubbles March 21, 2005
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