Shamona is the word given for doing sexual acts with a person such a kissing etc It derives from the town of Longford in Ireland and even has its own season by the name of ‘Shamona Season’ where the person who does the most Shamona wins.
Brooklyn: Rah bro did you do Shamona with that girl
Kofi: Of course bro Shamona to the world and back !
by Don dada November 26, 2019
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Word that expresses many terms as a friend or someone you hate. Said by Michael Jackson as Shamon and then transformed it into shamona. Also a form of epilepsy.
Hey what in the shamona are you doing.

You have been diagnosed with shamona you have 3 weeks to live.
by UhhthePaul April 18, 2010
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Shamona the most beautiful girl alive and she's the girl every guys wants but not yet to get. Shamona is a very famliy person very loyal loving and charming. And one of the most brilliant girl and also a best girlfriend Any guy would ask for
by KayannaMariaoon November 22, 2021
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It is a frase to use when something hype happens to you or your friend.
"Bro i didn't fail all my classes this year!" "Shamona your stick!"
by GG_Anderson December 28, 2021
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