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A 1337 h4X0rZ who is t3h 0wn4ag3 4t h4l0 3
OMG I wish i was like that 1337 kid ,Shahir
by 13372935 April 08, 2009
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A friend who tries to give you crippling depression through apparent acts of kindness
Person 1: "Oh, hello friend, I was just about to give you this loaded gun with no safety on it. Why don't you try it out on yourself."

Person 2: "Why did you just pull that Shahir on me?"
by Jessica Potgieter August 18, 2016
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someone who is acting in a particularly promiscuous slutty way
"Can you just hold your horse an not act all shahir?" said Arshad to Nab.
by buritbusuk February 22, 2017
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