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A good looking person but who loves to speak about himself/herself all the time. Fun loving, loves to party and hang out, loyal to friends and doesnt see bad in anyone. Extremely sensitive and gets hurt very easily. Loves to make people laugh. Youll be rolling on your side.
Dont get on the bad side youll never hear from him/her again!
Very sexual in nature, knows how to please, makes you come back for more .But very hard to tie down.

Has a good heart but confused about priorities in life
(arshad)(sexy)(good looking) (sensitive)(crazy)(funny)
by carnocity February 04, 2010
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Someone who dosent care about himself annoys people on purpose and also is a horrible person but when u his homie he is the best mans on earth and when u broke he got u and knows how to please people ;)
arshad is so cool
by an0nymus960 February 19, 2019
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some dumbass monkey who can't even find his way back to the zoo
person 1: Arshad got out of his cage again
person 2: Damn it! We can't let a wild animal like that roam free!
by clamstroyer April 15, 2019
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