A cool person who is open minded and physically strong. He always chooses a different route which makes him unique. The Arabic word that means "witness" in English language. Someone who holds a positive relationship with others but don't like depending on others.
Be like Shahid who finishes everything before he starts another
by Akabr321 November 20, 2018
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Shahid is the type of a person who waits till the last second, Shahid is also scared to try and start a convo with females and some how he manages to get a girl fall in love with him after a while, on the other hand he is really really athletic and he never backs of any challenge, He is cutie as well.
Be like shahid he will help you in life
by Dri-Fit February 8, 2019
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Shahid is an amazing person who is always there for everybody around him. He deserves all the love in the world and then some. He takes a lot of shit from people but in reality, he takes words to the heart and cares about what people have to say. He's an amazing listener and an incredibly caring person. He holds so much love in his heart and doesn't know how much he means to the people who care for him. He's so kind, he thinks about others before himself, he's highly intelligent, and he's wickedly funny. He will make you laugh so hard you cry, and will make you smile so wide that your face will hurt. He's a very comfortable person to sleep on and will make you feel safe and loved. He's also hot as fuck.
Shahid has a thicc ass and a thicc heart.
by kachiggamydippa March 9, 2020
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A mysterious and alluring guy. Always tries to be humble, patient, disciplined, and honorable. Usually is outgoing extrovert, occasionally becomes quiet while trying to focus on a goal/objective or when he is hurt/regrets something. Everyone knows him, but very few understand him. Gets girls without even talking to them, but rejects them due to his absolutely BASED religiosity. Straight asf, but sometimes says the gayest shit to his bros. Values his brotherhood, family, and beliefs. Doesn't chase clout but still has loads somehow. Respects and looks up to many while being oblivious to how much people adore and look up to him. Wants to be a masculine man when he grows up/ already is.
Although Shahid won't admit it, he is a great person to have in your life.
by BIGASSEGO December 20, 2021
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A male of large stature or a male name.
Rick : dude , Mike is becoming a shahid?!
Mark: Yeah i know , i saw him lifting a car the other day...
Rick: How is his brother Shahid doing?
by I'm not the psyco April 29, 2011
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Person 1: Who the fuck is that kid? He be radiating black air force energy.
Person 2: Shahid
by BIGASSEGO March 7, 2022
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A guy who says he will be there on time but never reaches on time.
I was getting late to the college so i shahided out my friends
by brozovic December 16, 2017
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