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An individual whom follows around others to the point one could assume he or she was a shadow.
Shadower's can be obnoxious in a sense they feel what they're doing is not harmful. And yet to realize they're following individuals awkwardly.
Luke: Hey you did you go to the bar last night?
Bob: Yeah, but i was being shadowed again by you know who.
Luke: Louie?
Bob: Yeah i couldn't even talk to Shelly last night cause he was such a shadower.
by FloodedFloor November 02, 2010
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The one who knows your every move before you think about making it, the one who follows your every step when you make it, the one who is waiting locked and loaded and ready to frag your ass when you turn around.
Shadower followed the unsuspecting person all the back to base and fragged his ass!
by Shad<!>wer June 16, 2003
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Renegades pet :P, likes to think he is free but on Ren's tight leech
Renegade: Shadower Go Fetch,
Shadower: Yes master

-taken from a mysterious dream
by Renegade, Shadowers PWNER July 01, 2003
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