I'm just sexting my boyfriend while he is away, so he gets excited to come home.
by jules82 September 04, 2008
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V. To sext or sexting.

The act of sending a misspelled text message belligerently to an unsuspecting target of sex.

N. A misspelled text message belligerently sent to an unsuspecting target of sex.
She didn't answer my sext . I enjoy sexting too much. My sext was too short. I don't have enough space to fit my sext in. I sext using my good eye. I should really stop sexting at three in the morning.
by Hurricane Jake April 29, 2009
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married couple who likes to post romantic & sexual comment/video to their wall, to show the world how romantic they are, the most romantic husband/wife in the world...'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!'
Ryan reynolds posted in FB : Dear wife, i miss the smell of your underwear

Zeeda (Ryan's friend): Stop sexting. i wanna puke.
by YaYa Weh November 28, 2010
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The act of texting sexually related information, coined by Aamir.
Wow Aamir, you are awesome for making up something so efficient. Sexting is like my favorite thing everrr!
by young perv May 04, 2011
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sexual messaging

sam: i want to fuck you so hard right now.
jane: i want you to cum on my face.
sam: I'm wanking over you baby.
jane: I'm gonna finger myself right now.
sam: wish i was there, your making me so horny babe.
jane: i want sex. i need sex.
sam: is anyone home at yours.
jane: no.
sam: I'm coming over.

jane: we are gonna fuck so hard. I'm gonna orgasm so loud.
sam: and then I'm gonna sit and watch you finger yourself while i wank.
jane: first we will get completely naked and fuck for hours and hours.
by ice-creamandhorrormovies March 20, 2015
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Sexting is not what all these other definitions say. Sexting is just simply when your cellphone is in your lap and its starts vibrating. It is definitely not people texting each other trying to get up with them later and having "sexual apparitions"
Devin:yo,i think i'm sexting again.
SusieQ:you think you are? i know you are
Devin:yeah you are right
by bridget&devinaresexybeast July 24, 2009
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