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Uncontrollably in lust for someone, you are blinded by the fact that the other person is a douche and treats you poorly. When ones mind is clouded by good sex to realize the hurtful or mean things the other person is doing/saying.
Amanda:" I wore this dress the other night to go over to Alex's house and he said it made me look flat chested and big assed... so I'm going to return it"

Samantha:"what the hell is wrong with that douche?!?!"

Amanda:"what? nothing! he just knows what looks good on me . He's so nice and honest. We also talked and he said its best to NOT be in a relationship bc it makes things easier and less complicated. He's so hott and right!"

Samantha: "But then why does he get mad if you go out with the girls?"

Amanda: "He just gets jealous..its cute! He just really cares!"

Samantha: "He treats you terribly and you can't see bc you are in sexlove with him! You need to drop him a.s.a.p. He doesn't ever want anything besides sex"
by LeggyGiraffe May 14, 2012
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