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Someone who is usually captive, and have to do sex with their owner for free.
Sydney was on a date with this handsome guy. Without even telling her what his name was, he took her to his home. After that, he knocked her unconscious. When Sydney woke up, she was frogtied with a gag in her mouth. She was completely nude, unable to move or make any sound. Her sweet and generous love nest was exposed and defenseless to her boyfriend's advances. He stuck a vibrator in her open pussy, and she couldn't even squirm. He took the gag out of her mouth, but his big, hard cock replaced it before she could even make a sound. When her rapist ejaculated, Sydney was forced to swallow his load. He then quickly put a ballgag on. Then he put the vibrator out of her vagina and rammed her tender, wet pussy with his dick. He orgasm ed again and ejaculated into her vagina, unprotected. He then whispered "Good night" and left her gag on, and put the vibrator back into her pussy, and duct taped the vibrator into her vagina. Her new owner left the room, and Sydney knew she was his new sex slave, and yet she couldn't even moan...
by DinoCoat March 08, 2017
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Sex Slave: A male or female that assumes a subordinate manner/position and preforms sexual acts for the "Dominant" male or female partner. Can tie into the practice of D/s where the person can do these acts freely or become collared i.e "owned". This role can be voluntary or forced in some situations. Could be considered a Pet.
"Dude, your girl is wearing a collar. is she like your sex slave or somethin?"
"Yes she is my sex slave, why? You want to borrow her?"
"Hell yea, but won't she mind?"
"No, she's collared, she'll do what I tell her to."
by Katica_is_owned March 13, 2006
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A woman who is used as a sexual toy by it's master. It (the sex slave) can be used and abused for the masters amusement and plesaure infinately. A sex slave is property and not a person.

No Jim! She is my sex slave, get your own.
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
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1. one who does anything for sex

2. while having sex, the one who is ordered to do sexual acts (oral sex, anyl sex...etc)
"Yo Shaniqua was my sex slave last night and damn did she need a whippin'"
by KaThryn December 28, 2004
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Someone who is a slave to another for sex.
Yes, that is correct, she is my sex slave!!!
by Douchebag February 07, 2003
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