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Someone named Sevil is generous, beautiful, talented and loved. The name is originally a Turkish name meaning love or beloved. There are similar Turkish names too like Sevgi and Selen.
‘Hello Sevil’ - name
by namedefined June 14, 2019
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a combination of sexy and evil; used to describe a picture, movie, person, etc.
girl #1: did you see that pic of nat wolff on
girl #2: yeah! he looked so sevil
girl #1: i kno rite? hes so cute
by natwolffsgirl May 19, 2008
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That classy guy is just so sevil, I wont let him leave my thoughts. One day he'll get the message and after that, the T massage. Hahahaha.
by Isingandsighlol January 02, 2019
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The best underground rock band since their has ever been! These dudes can blow your mind away with one damn song!
"Dude! I went to that Sevil gig the other night... I've never seen so many ambulances in my life! The mosh pits were ****ing crazy!!!"

^^ Sevil fan (Minion ^^
by Thumper February 21, 2004
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