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Within a successful, seemingly stable relationship, the settler refers to the "better half", who in essence settles with their partner. This person tends to be either more attractive, wealthier, smarter, personable or some other quality that would seemingly make their partner look inferior, to the extent that people begin to question why they would even date in the first place.

The opposite of a reacher
Looking at the Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri relationship, it is painfully clear that Janet (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty) is a settler.
by BurningRave January 27, 2010
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Name given to someone when they are addicted to the computer game Settlers. The person carries a laptop around campus - ready to play at any time. The person may ask you to play with them at random and often awkward times. This character may form a nightly gang of Settlers who enjoy playing the game for hours at a time.
"Did you see Settlers today?"
"Settlers asked me to play with him."
by Shuttlecock 9 May 04, 2009
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When two ugly people are together, settling for one another because that's the best they can get.
Tim is ugly and lonely.
Mary is ugly and lonely.
They settle for one another.

Wow! Those are some settlers.
by nonsettler December 01, 2010
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The girl that is the easy, last resort fuck at the bar or party. You go around the party trying to hook up with some real hot chicks that you haven't had sex with yet and if you can't get them to come back to your place tonight you always have the settler to fall back on because you know she is always down to get slammed.
Jon: Amanda is the settler tonight. She's such a slampig.
Ed: What's a settler?
Jon: Well if you can't bring any other slut back you gotta settle for her.
by lunchboxx10 July 29, 2010
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Used in New Orleans to mean an older male or female love interest. Usually males use it to refer to women 5 or more years older than themselves.
I went to Harrahs last night and picked up on a settler. She divorced, a nurse at Tulane, and she fine as a broad out the Nolia.
by Mr. 225 July 11, 2008
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Someone who could excel in school, but instead settles for average due to lack of effort.
"I probably could have gotten an A in Biology, but instead I got a B cause I'm such a settler."
by SteadfastSteve May 20, 2010
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