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Usually is a sexy, intelligent woman with great integrity and loyalty to the ones she loves. She is dedicated to the overall wellness of humanity and compassionate to everyone. Don’t take her kindness for a weakness though, she’s as feisty as they come when provoked.
When I asked that young lady what her name was, I knew she would say Sequoyah from the genuine compassion that she showed me.
by Coyaboo April 16, 2009
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A very cool guy who makes everyone laugh. He is very good-looking and is liked by everyone. He can be annoying at times but almost everyone loves him. He is a masculine, sexy beast. Great sense of humor. Usually has an insanely hot girlfriend.
Look at how hot he is. He must be a Sequoyah.
by meganfx9 January 12, 2012
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Sequoyah (formerly "Sequoyah Prep School 2003-2010) is an indie rock and roll band from somewhere in South Carolina. After several years of extensive and relenteless travel, the band took an eight (8) month hiatus in order to reflect upon their eclectic experiences and create an unparalleled musical homage to choosing the life of sin and the unique repercussions of such a life.
Sequoyah is playing at the Acoustic Coffee House soon!
by grandchiefsequoyah March 23, 2011
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