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A popular phrase used among the extreme sports community, specifically in skateboarding and BMX. it is mainly used in relation to pulling of a trick that requires the same mindset that an X Games Athlete would have during competition, for example, a backflip.
James: "Willy's bouta go X Games Mode for this 720 frontflip!"
Travis: "Let's see it Willy, Send it!"
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by That Scooter kid you hate July 17, 2020

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A very recent form of paradox based on the character from Rick and Morty named Mr. Meeseeks
It uses the theme of the episode to describe a situation in which someone is summoned for a task who then summons another of their kind to help with that task only for the other to summon yet another, ultimately resulting in a slue of unnecessary copies all trying to eliminate one problem. this came from the plot of the episode being that Jerry was having trouble trying to golf and the Mr Meeseeks that was summoned to help tried getting another Meeseeks to help him, which then resulted in another Meeseeks being summoned to help that Meeseeks help the other Meeseeks help Jerry, and so on and so forth.
Chris: You know bullyhunters right?
June: Yeah, why?
Chris: Well what if a bullyhunter kills the bully, but calls another bullyhunter to kill the bullyhunter, and then that bullyhunter feels bullied, so they summon another one
June: Jesus, Chris, stop with The Meeseeks Paradox
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by That Scooter kid you hate July 25, 2020

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Send it: originates from extreme sports. To Send it is to do an extremely difficult trick, usually one the athlete has never done before. It's mainly used as a cheer to pump up the athlete to the point where they have enough confidence to send the trick that once terrified them to their very core. It's a very effective form of encouragement, as evident by it's never ending use in the action sports community on both the amateur and pro level.

Full send: having full confidence in your trick
Willy: I wanna try this flair, but I'm kinda scared
Matt: C'mon Willy, you got this, just send it, bro

Travis: I'm going full send on this double backflip
James: Hell yeah, Travis, X Games mode
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by That Scooter kid you hate July 17, 2020

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bulyhunters was a failed attempt to combat cyberbullying in competitive online multplayer video games, such as CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch
It was a failure not only due to muting being common knowledge in the competitive community, but also due to many factures that have to be perfect for the operation to even work. Furthermore, the means of detering the bully were laughable at best. Essentially, one would call a bullyhunter from there website to join the game and kill the bully. However, in practice, this couldn't be any harder. For this to work, not only are you assuming the server isn't already full, but you're also assuming the bullyhunter is more skilled at the game than the bully, and you're also assuming killing the bully will do anything. Keep in mind, one of the primary objectives in these games is killing the enemy, so if a bully who is skilled enough to bully a likely less skilled player is killed once by a bullyhunter, he'd see as nothing as that is part of the game.
Fun Fact: semi-political comedian Chris Ray Gun actually used Bullyhunters as an example when he coined the term of The Meeseeks Paradox
June: Hey, remember Bullyhunters?
Chris: You mean that shitty attempt to combat cyberbullying in competitive? yeah, I remember. Honestly, the problem is much easier to solve by simply muting and blocking the bully
June: Yeah, Steam basically gives you the tools to make it so you almost never interact with them again.
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by That Scooter kid you hate July 25, 2020

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