"Semper Fidelis"
1.Marine Pride;

2.The Motto of the United States Marine Corps. Latin for always faithful. Faithful to God, Country, Family and the Corps.

3.Semper Fidelis is a Latin motto translating to "always faithful". It is the motto of:The Marine Corps

4.Semper Fidelis is the title of the official march of the United States Marine Corps, composed by John Phillip Sousa in 1889. Sousa was director of the United States Marine Corp Band when a replacement for Hail to the Chief was requested, but later rejected. Sousa considered it to be his "most musical" march.

5.Semper fidelis" is a fabulous Latin motto meaning that in centuries of Roman might the soldier swore that he would fight

6.The United States Marine Corps, the amphibious infantry complementary to the United States Navy, who often reduce it to Semper Fi; the motto signifies the dedication that individual Marines are expected to have to "The Corps" and to their fellow fighting men and women, for the rest of their days and beyond.
my neighbor was a semper fi veteran during the iraq war
by ~!SPER!~ October 3, 2005
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Semper Fi, adopted in 1883, is the U.S. Marine Corps motto. It's short for Semper Fidelis, which is latin for "Always Faithful." To many Marines, Semper Fi, is not just a phrase but a way of life-the commitment that they all share to their community, to their Corps, and to eachother. It's why there are no ex-Marines, only former Marines.
Cesar: I love the Marine Corps so much, that I got a tattoo of their emblem.
Josh: Semper Fi!
by Qbansnowman November 19, 2005
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if you hear Semper Fi and your at war with America, your probably going to die.
by studyvin August 28, 2012
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"The motto of the Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis, Latin
for "always faithful" .Until 1871 it was "First to Fight",
a motto that still applies. Through the years, Marines have
shortened it to Semper Fi, and "Semper Fi, Mac" is the universal
Marine Greeting."
"SemperFi,DoOrDie!GungHo,GungHo,GungHo!WhatMakesTheGrassGrow?Blood,Blood,Blood!WhatDoWeDoForALiving,Ladies?Kill,Kill,Kill!" .
by Joe December 11, 2003
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The motto of the United States Marine Corps. It means 'Always Faithful' in Latin. This rings very true because United States Marines are the most patriotic, as well as the bravest and selfless members of the United States Armed Forces. They are, in truth, always faithful.
Tommy: Hey, LJ, aren't you an ex-Marine?
LJ: No such thing as an ex-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Tommy: Semper Fi, Marine.
by NevadaCharlieIndiaSierra November 7, 2010
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The genre of Science Fiction characterized by "futuristic" or "space" Marines fighting badly rendered CGI monsters, mostly giant bugs.
A: Whats on SyFy tonight?

B: Just more Semper Fi crap, Aliens, then Starship Troopers 7.
by Coxcomb11 January 5, 2010
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Chinese for "I have a limp dick."
I just boned my DI. He's hot. Now I have a Semper Fi
by Thebobs21 December 13, 2012
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