English slang term.

Popularized by British actor Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame.


1. Single, or not in a relationship, often content. Commonly used by celebrities

2. Hiding the fact that you have (a) romantic partner(s) from their others.

3. Celibacy, often voluntarily

4. Lying about celibacy, similar to 2..

5. Asexuality
"Hey you wanna go out tonight, Melissa?"

"Sorry, John. I'm self-partnered."

"Well, I don't see a fucking wand on your hand"

"Get off my porch"
by ephdysplais December 23, 2020
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Word coined by Emma Watson. Used as a version of single that refers to when you’re empowered and in a good place on your own.
“I am 30, I live alone, I have a great job, and unmarried: I am SELF-PARTNERED
by buzzyfish November 6, 2019
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Single, and in a happy relationship with oneself.
When asked about her relationship, Emma said she was happy being self-partnered.
by mlhiss November 6, 2019
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Society dictates that being single means you just haven't met the right person, therefore:

Single implies you are looking for a relationship.

Self-Partnered implies you are happy & content with yourself and are not looking for a relationship.
Man: "Do you have a partner?"
Woman: "No, I don't"
Man: "So you are single then?"
Woman: "Actually I am Self-Partnered
Man:"Oh, so you are not looking for a relationship"
Woman: "Exactly"
Man: "Okay, cool"
by Whiskey&Donuts November 10, 2019
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Someone who is single but doesn't want to date anyone.
Ugly guy: Are you single?

Girl: No, I'm self-partnered.
by lia00 November 7, 2019
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