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Self care is an umbrella term that Twitter/Tumblr SJWs use to excuse their poor financial decisions. Why spend money on things like rent/bills when you can buy coloring books from Whole Foods?
I’m six months behind on rent, my phone got shut off and my cars getting repo’d. I’m going to a $400 spa though because self care.
by Lolwut05 July 21, 2018
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When millennial women choose to ignore all of the tasks they need to accomplish in favor of screwing over their coworkers, doing culturally-appropriative meditation rituals, and drinking La Croix water. Can also involve rubbing ungodly amounts of coconut oil over their skin and listening to vaporwave music while planning an outing to a gentrified book store or record shop.
"Why did you call into work sick 15 minutes before your shift started?"
"Oh, I was practicing self care."
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by frumpadump November 25, 2017
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