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When you’re shooketh to a state that you can’t even move anymore.
Bruh, I just saw this guy and I’m seizing over how hot he was”
by Okie2019 August 25, 2018
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A last minute change of plans or possibly risky judgement call between a group of best friends pertaining to their plans for the evening. Based on the saying 'carpe diem', or 'Seizing the Day'. Usual partners in crime include rum, tequila or both and a walk of shame from a significant others house the following morning.
"Instead of sitting inside on a Wednesday evening and doing nothing, lets go to the bar down the street, get rip roaring drunk amongst friends and strangers, and then let hot guys buy us drinks and take us home."

"Now that's seizing it like no tomorrow! Be ready in 10!"
by Lockerazzi Monster December 30, 2009
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A 14 yo kid who plays critical ops. No doubt the best sniper in Asia.
Seizing literally 360° flicked noscoped him.
by Noicing all the way June 12, 2020
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