6 definitions by Dierks Olgensen

Hey gay Dana, go in the gas station and get me some PJ Malloneys... Bitch

Hey Dana I can't believe you have nipple rings that's gay, but at least you like PJ Malloneys.
by Dierks Olgensen February 26, 2011
A state of drunkenness that makes one imitate the sporadic and uncontrollable movements of someone with parkinson's disease. This imitation is caused by nearly falling over and catching yourself, or almost passing out while walking.
Did you see that sloppy albino rhino on the dance floor? That war pig was parkinsons drunk.
by Dierks Olgensen October 19, 2010
A condom that has been in your pocket for a very long time. Very compressed and looks like you've sat on it for 20 days. Only used in emergency's.
"I almost had to use that nasty pocket condom, but I found a black gas station condom thank god."
by Dierks Olgensen May 3, 2010
When someone non-popular or not even in the picture comments on it. Ending all comments for the picture. Comment-Killers could be: Creepers, weirdos, non-talkative people that just talk on facebook, or old people.
There were 19 comments on that pic until Dale posted the Comment-Killer.
by Dierks Olgensen April 30, 2010
A dance move invented to look like one is having a seizure. Short sporadic full body thrusts, in some cases causes neck and spine injury. But The Seiz is the greatest dance move of 2010. Invented in the Howard Johnson Hotel : Room 218.
I was wasted doing the seiz in the middle of the dance floor. I ended bringing back to girls to the hotel because of it.
by Dierks Olgensen October 4, 2010
A cumshot when a guy blows his load on a girls face and getting some jizz in her nose. The cum drips out looking like she has a runny nose made of cum.
I blew it on her face and I couldn't help but laugh at the cumsnot she had hanging from her nose
by Dierks Olgensen May 4, 2010