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Like the river, seine goes with the flow literally the most chill person to be around. But can't handle a hard hit of kush her nose WILL bleed. Lowkey a nasty hoe who wants that dick 5ever. But overall who you want around for anything and everything. Also this bitch is beautiful and has a smokin bod but will not admit it ! don't be a seine own up to your beauty ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’
She's chill enough to roll joints in the washroom stall .

She's that lit, don't miss out on seines.
by BigDaddyHill October 3, 2016
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French: Elle a des gros seins.
English: She has big breasts.
by Mario 22 June 11, 2006
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The French term for "breasts"; often associated with words such as "large" or "spherical" in relation to shape or stature.
Those are some melon-like seins over yonder.
by FroggyFresh June 15, 2014
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I saw Chad seining this big pollock's foot.
by Jerry July 14, 2003
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Could mean either just giving up, slowly getting out or getting away with something, relaxing drinking milk and water and watching a lot of Seinfeld, or seeing way too many actual signs.
I'm seining out! I'm seeing way to many signs!
by Dylan Gronseth (The Great...) November 11, 2011
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Is the cleavage which is visible when a woman or portly fellow wears a short shirt exposing the bottom of the breast. The french equivalent of "Under Breast".
That dudes "Sous le Sein" is an epic fail.
by Johnwardo Esteban September 30, 2009
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