Console system launched in direct competition with the Nintendo Entertainment System by accident. Was more a response to the Atari and Intellivision systems of the early 80s. Still, by some accounts this system was more powerful than the NES and was destroyed only by Nintendo's questionable business strategies in the US. The Sega Master System was actually quite popular in some markets. Then again, so is David Hasselhoff.
There was a Knight Rider game for the Sega Master System, but it includes no singing by Michael Knight.
by Mr_MoJo_Risin777 May 6, 2003
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First worldwide system released by SEGA in the states in 1986, also known as the Mark III in japan. It was graphically superior to the NES, and had way cooler peripherals, such as the fragile but still awesome 3D glasses. Instead of that crappy robot thing that shipped with the nes. But it was a doomed system in the states, due to nintendo's bully style marketing tactics. Though it did enjoy success in New Zeland, and especially Brazil, where they were still making games for it until 1997/8. And even made a girl's version of the SMS.
I be stayin at home wit' my homies, sippin' cris' and playing master system yo.
by Steven J. S. August 25, 2005
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Sega's first console, which launched at about the same time as Nintendo's NES/Famicom. Was neglected due to Nintendo's vicious "no NES if you have an SMS" policy, aimed towards stores.
by InsanityRequiem March 19, 2003
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Console released by Sega that OWN3D the console market at the time. Only Mario Bois believed the NCS (Nintendo Crap System) was better.
The SMS own3d the NES like the Playstation own3d the Nintendo 64.
by The Bearded Donkey September 27, 2003
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Sega's games console in the 1st generation of games consoles. Used as an insult during the early 90's.
When you had a Mega Drive or SNES for over a year, and you knew someone who just got a Master System.
"Dave got a Sega Master System for his birthday, what a lamer!"
by MasterBates March 2, 2004
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The second version of the Sega Master System. It had games like alex the kid, my hero, sonic and other great games. It also had a slot where you could put a thin card version of a game permenetly into it, so you could play that perticular game when no cartridge was inserted in the slot. It was proberly the least heard about system, at least from my perspective anyway.
guy 1: Hey I've got a sega mega drive.
guy 2: awesome, i've got a sega master system II.
guy1: ?
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