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There are two types of war:

1) Normal style war: Something noone pays attention to.
2) American style war: Something that causes the whole world to make it a habit to watch CNN/NBC/Sky News/etc. for hours every day and talk to their friends about what new goodies America has at her disposal.
1) Bob: "Heard of the war going on in *insert some unknown 3rd world country*?"
Joe: "Nope, who gives a shit"
2) Bob: "I heard America are gonna start the war tonight!!!"
Joe: "Kewl, the last two wars were fun but were a little short, I heard they got this new bomb that causes FUBAR to a larger area than that MOAB, that should be fun to watch"
by MasterBates March 02, 2004
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Sega's games console in the 1st generation of games consoles. Used as an insult during the early 90's.
When you had a Mega Drive or SNES for over a year, and you knew someone who just got a Master System.
"Dave got a Sega Master System for his birthday, what a lamer!"
by MasterBates March 02, 2004
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