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A clandestine method of calling someone a cunt.

Particularly effective when used prior to a three day week end.

C: See
U: You
N: Next
T: Tuesday

see: catch you next tuesday
by Jill Kiar June 17, 2005
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Cunt. The words "see you" correspond to the letters "C" and "U" and the "next Tuesday" implies the "nt." This is one way to describe a person as a cunt when in polite company. Origin in Athens, GA.
"I was having lunch with the mayor and his wife yesterday, and, though he was perfectly agreeable, she was a see-you-next-Tuesday." "After our fourth date I realized she had a thing or two wrong with her see-you-next-Tuesday."
by castes January 30, 2008
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As an acronym it translates into C.U.N.T. or cunt. Great for inside jokes or snide remarks around the uptight.
by Jordan W June 26, 2006
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Variation; See You Next Thursday.
A way to call someone a cunt. The words "see" and "you" becoming the letters c and u, and the phrase next Thursday (or Tuesday) becoming NT.
by TehNinja January 16, 2010
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A verbal play on the C word. That is right the profane C.U.N.T.
Bitch: โ€œyour hair looks like crap! Why do you bother getting up each morning?!โ€

Nice girl: โ€œyeah, have a nice day! see you next Tuesday!
by T_rump_supporter May 28, 2018
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