Athens, GA is a tiny college town in north eastern Georgia. Until the early 1980's the only thing it was known for was being the home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldog football team. That is until the B=52's played at a party on Milledge STreet across from the Taco Stand! Then all hell broke loose. Soon other bands like r.e.m., Pylon and love tractor (among others) decided to emerge and some of them even got famous. the rest got semi famous! R.e.m. is probably the most famous. r.e.m. are Rich too. Soon other musicians moved to Athens, clearly hoping there was something in the water to make them rich and famous rock stars too. People started to move to Athens in hopes of glimpsing, or better yet, becoming good friends with members of r.e.m. or at least sleeping with one of them which is, or was, apparently not too difficult to do. Athens is still known for a bustling music and art scene and all types of artistic expression are encouraged and supported. ARt openings are as widely attended as Frat parties, but by a completely different crowd thank goodness.. Frat and sorority members sometimes go to the bars and nightclubs where the artsy crowd goes.. but that is only to catch a glimpse of michael stipe hanging out at the bar - about which they are known to quickly text their friends...the Artsy crowd doesn't return the favor and never go to the frat bars... Athens is also home to Wuxtry records, one of the best examples of a dying breed of record store where you can still buy vinyl recordings and where the staff are all encyclopedia's of musical knowledge. The town is home to strange landmarks like The Tree That Owns Itself and The prince ave. Baptist church and a road called Nowhere Road...Athens is still a wonderful place to live and raise kids. Where, if you can find a job you can afford to live pretty well, among an intelligent liberal progressive and thinking community.
Why did you move to Athens, GA? Why don't you move to where KISS lives?

by Jeeepster July 23, 2008
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a bouje ass place with bouje ass bitches
Athens, GA is wack asf
by whily brown January 15, 2021
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A boujee ass place with boujee ass niggas
A: Where is he from again?
B: Athens, GA
A: That explains everything.
by Oahhsjn February 10, 2017
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