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Variation; See You Next Thursday.
A way to call someone a cunt. The words "see" and "you" becoming the letters c and u, and the phrase next Thursday (or Tuesday) becoming NT.
See you next Tuesday!
by TehNinja January 16, 2010

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Someone that refuses to read the above statement:
"Don't name your friends. We'll reject inside jokes and definitions naming non-celebrities."
But still writes their boyfriend's/girlfriend's and/or best friend's name. Usually starts an entry with "The most amazing person you'll ever meet!"

Makes it very annoying for those of us that screen through these entries.
Quotes from your average moron-
1. (Name) is an awesome, sexy person!
2. (Name) is a loser douchebag!!1!
by TehNinja January 13, 2010

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Similar to hump and dump, this means to hit it and quit it. If used properly, it's more humorous.
I would do her if it was a pump and dump.
by TehNinja January 20, 2010

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