10 definitions by Kip Stevens

A male reproductive organ which may be often bent at a perpendicular angle.
The ol' pirie's a bit sore this morning - the poor thing was bent up against the mattress all night
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
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1. A homosexual man (Batti=ass Boy=man)
2. A term used by moronic idiots who have nothing better to say
1. He started rubbing my shoulders and I knew he was a batti boy.
2. I got called a Batti Boy last night, I thought to myself 'Only a fucker would say that'
by Kip Stevens April 19, 2004
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1. The action of one male slapping another male on the backside in a celebratory act.
1. Did you see that! Vettori got a wicket, now the team are Black Capping each other.
by Kip Stevens April 22, 2004
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1. The current Prime Minister of New Zealand, a group of islands in the Pacific. She is the first female Prime Minister to be voted into office in New Zealand. A good leader who runs New Zealand very well.
"It is amazing how trivial the things are that some
people will get their knickers in a knot about"
by Kip Stevens December 18, 2003
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A penis, often in an erect state.
"The young huntsman unsheathed his hunting knife and placed it against the butcher's steel, ready to be sharpened."
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
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A gentleman's social club of which the members make it their life goal to tantrically masturbate in public.
I stood still for a moment, taking in his suddenly heavy breathing, his movements and the wild look in his eyes. A member of the Secret Service had infiltrated my bathroom
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2003
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To go "Sarging" is the act of cruising around town or any other place where members of the opposite sex are and writing down results in your Little Black Book.
I went sarging yesterday and wrote a whole chapter on one chick I saw!
by Kip Stevens December 17, 2004
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