3 eggs

This is in reference to the second generation of chickens on rippinger road and how they're used to be six but there are only three as of now because of the basan incident
by MSRgaming June 9, 2021
A woman who begins to live as (or identify as) a lesbian after experiencing one or more heterosexual relationships.
After 2 failed marriages, 6 kids, and a lot of unhappiness, Sandra gave up on men, changed teams and became a second generation lesbian.
by GoddessoftheNet July 29, 2016
it's basically same as introverts but they tend to be active and considered about their comfort zone more, they start to fight for it

"people always tell introverts to be more talkative and leave their comfort zones. yet no one tells extroverts to shut up to make the zone comfortable" - said the second-generation introvert DittoTheShapeShifter
- you definitely need to be more active and talk more or else you will be that silent person forever (kind of crazy bitch and smile)
-how about you start to talk less and let me create a comfort zone for us (as u guess room is full of people 7 int and 3 ext)
- wow u sound like The Second Generation-Introverts (its too late)
- listen here you little shit..... (fight starts)
by Neblara December 23, 2019
An American born Indian woman who speaks with a heavy American accent, married a guy typically in business, has a kid and lives in a 'small' house in the suburbs and is looking to upgrade to a larger custom new built.

Second gen aunties were most likely married 2-3 years ago (in a grand, lavish manner) and instantly became obsessed with having children. As soon as they had a child they become obsessed with making sure this child has organic snacks and clean toys. These women are babyproofing experts who somehow manage to make their house well designed and baby proofed. They are also obsessed with Whole Foods and making sure the space between their first and second child is perfectly timed.

These women have perfectly toned bodies and talk in shrill high pitched voices, and almost exclusively with other second gen aunties. When talking to others of their own kind they talk mostly about how tired they are and the snacks that their children eat.

Second gen aunties are generally rich and dress very well. You will almost never see them without their fashionable sunglasses and their large tote of baby supplies. These women try a little too hard to maintain their Indian roots however rarely speak in their native language. They are best friends with their mother (who most likely is a first gen auntie)
Dude I just saw a second generation aunty complaining about her sons nap schedule.
by Peanutorca July 15, 2017
The next generation of hippies that some people want to see because they don't think the first hippie generation of the 60's accomplished as much as it could have because the hippie era was to short and much remains to be done.
John wants to see the second hippie generation.
by Deep blue 2012 March 13, 2010
Refers to a giggly "imitation" racket dat a small child gleefully makes after hearing a grownup undertake a jarringly-loud activity, such as hammering, drilling, sawing, filing, etc.
Classic examples of "second-generation noise" would be if a youngster watches his parent or a visiting neighbor driving nails and then starts happily yodeling, "Bam-bam-bam-bam!" while pounding his fist on anything within reach around the house, or hollers, "ZzhEEEh-ukhkhahw, zzhEEEh-ukhkhahw, zzhEEEh-ukhkhahw, zzhEEEh-ukhkhahw..." (accompanied by vigorous back-and-forth motions with his forearm against various objects) after he witnesses someone raspingly slicing up boards or plywood with a crosscut saw.
by QuacksO March 14, 2022
Refers to either of two equally-unhealthy practices that seemingly "skips a place" in the chain of progression, but has a comparably-negative result --- Person A acts as a financial "crutch" for Person B, allowing Person B to continue his dissipative lifestyle:
(1) Where you do not beg resources directly (i.e., "first generation" enabling) from a financially-solvent person who is sick of your mooching, but you instead ask your "benefactor" to extend charity to your equally "spongy" offspring (i.e., you shamelessly take advantage of the person's "family man" nature by using the pathetically-manipulative "cute cherub-faced kiddos" or "they'll only be young once, so I wanna give them a decent childhood" pressure-excuse), or
(2) You don't request a certain amount of money --- say, twenty bucks --- from the disgruntled "provider" for "excessive/addictive/self-abusive" products (i.e., tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, unnecessary "pretty things", etc.) that he refuses to provide you with, but you instead ask him for that same twenty bucks to purchase "basic necessities" like simple groceries or household/repair products that he HAS agreed to help you out with obtaining... the catch, of course, is that you spend your OWN twenty bucks on those other unhealthy/senseless purchases instead of spending it on the healthful basics that your friend is giving you money for, and so in the end you are still getting him to make it possible for you to continue your unwise/unhealthy lifestyle.
Be wary of anyone who agreeably says, "Okay, fine --- I won't ask you for any more money for unhealthy stuff; I'll use my own funds for them. But please do give me some money for those "basic necessities" that you said you WOULD buy for me." Well, don't you see --- that's really the same destructive deal when all's said and done --- oh, sure, the person may indeed not be "directly" asking you to buy him cigarettes, but the person is merely using the last of his **own** money for them, and then asking you for money to buy the groceries that he himself could have purchased if he hadn't spent his last dollar on coffin-nails! It doesn't really matter where your added funds are "injected:" into the person's budget --- it's still just second-generation enabling!
by QuacksO May 23, 2018