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Seanne’s are some of the most interesting and rare people you could get to know, I mean look at the name Seanne that’s pretty dang rare. They are usually introverted but once you get to you know them they are the type of person to make loud pterodactyl noises inside of stores. Although they can be slightly jealous at times, it is out of pure loyalty and protectiveness over the people she cares about most. She’s always looking out for luxurious items, but is not afraid to go to Walmart.
Girl 1: “Dude did you see Seanne’s G-Wagon?”
Girl 2: “Yeah dude it’s freakin legit!”
by Weliketoparty58372223 July 11, 2018
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1. A fucking cock-munching overwatch scrub
2. Has many relationship issues, mostly can never decide whether he wants to pitch or catch with his boyfriend, because he loves catching but has a very gentle bf, and he doesn't think he's rough enough
Pro Genji: "Ha! He can't play Tracer for shit! What a fucking Seanne! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Person 1: "Is he the Eggy or the Seanne of a relationship?"
Person 2: "Definitely the Seanne"
Person 1: "Kinky"
by R34 Roadhog April 10, 2017
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