The most feared players in Overwatch, their skillful ability to spam "Mada Mada" alone strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy team.
Person A: "Oh shit is that a pro genji?"
Genji player : "Yes, I have watched 2 of Seagull's videos I'm basically a pro."
by Wimblebimble September 9, 2017
a fucking weeb that thinks he is good at the game
player one: Sup bro im a pro genji
Player two: Shut the fuck up sit your ass down play D.V.A or some shit cause we don't need anymore offence heros
by GamerGuy700 January 11, 2017
Used to express if someone is a pro genji. A pro genji is someone who plays with genji too much.
Genji gets a team kill.
Someone says: is that a pro genji?
Genji pro is a slang for Overwatch players that main Genji and say that they have skill, but in reality they suck as any other characters and only press the spacebar every 2 seconds. Mainly directed to white teens trying to be edgy. Also used for people that have no actuall skill in life.
Oliver: I main Genji. I have skill.
Kamil: Nigga u gay.
Oliver: I've been a Genji pro for 2 weeks
Kamil: Nigga u gayer than a furry convention.
by DaddyRoadhog March 25, 2017