"Stow your seabag shipmate, we don't have all day."
"Jeff punched Ryan in the seabag because he was being an idiot."
"I emptied my seabag all over her face."
by D-Moneys October 17, 2006
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Navy term for a stuffed bell pepper, so called because a stuffed green bell pepper looks like the green seabag that sailors carry their belongings in.
"I wonder what they're serving on the mess decks tonight? Oh, God! Not shit in a seabag AGAIN!"
by Chavato July 16, 2008
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To carry ones belongings in a seabag from barracks room to barracks room in a seabag.
Hey man I made that Seabag Shuffle we had to change barracks rooms after my roommate had bedbugs.
by Jimmy403 June 6, 2019
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A seabag pat down is the half-assed search for little liquor bottles and other contraband that a Sailor may be attempting and easily succeeding at bringing aboard a Navy Vessel. This search is always performed in a lackadaisical manner giving the stuffed seabag a few pats with the hands on the outside, then calling it "searched." Otherwise, with more determination, the contraband might be found, confiscated and therefore never shared with the Sailor on watch who is conducting the seabag pat-down.
Packing my deployment gear took some ingenuity because I had to surround the boxes full of Jack Daniels nips with soft clothing, packed tight. Otherwise, I may not pass the infamous "Seabag Pat Down."
by kdelik January 31, 2014
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