Derogitory term for someone of low rank in the US Navy. Used when trying to get the attention of someone or to correcting a supposed mistake.
Give me your f**king liberty card shipmate!
by Plew June 3, 2005
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A term of "endearment" used by Navy personnel with each other, but used to annoy people who hate the Navy.
Hey shipmate, whatcha eating for chow?
by Nancylicious October 12, 2006
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Term used to call a person or a group of people that share a fictional or real ship with you.
-Hey Mary, do you ship Olicity?
- of course I do!
- That's cool, Hannah. Now we are shipmates for life!
by fangurl88 December 4, 2015
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To call a junior sailor over to where your standing or sitting with the intent of jacking him/her up (yelling at him/her) for a minor offense. The person shipmating must use a "come here" motion with their hand by opening and closing it in rapid succession. Shipmating is normally done only by senior enlisted (Chief Petty Officer) sailors.

One can "shipmate" multiple people/things at a time by holding up both arms and possibly a leg.

The shipmate may actually be anyone or anything. Drunk Chief's have been known to shipmate signs, coffee cups, beer bottles, or prostitutes.

Background: In the U.S. Navy the term "shipmate" is seen as mostly derogatory in nature. Normally one is only called shipmate when they are in trouble or have done something wrong. The term shipmating was coined to describe the act when a Chief jacks up a sailor by calling him shipmate and motioning for him to present himself by the "come here" motion with his hand.
That Chief just shipmated those sailors for shopping in their work uniform. He's really getting his shipmating down, I watched him jack up 20 sailors today.

"Hey, do you guys want to go shipmating today?" "We can jack some dudes up down at the Navy Exchange (department store)".
by esleven April 10, 2011
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Two people or characters who are shipped together by people or social media users but have no real interest in each other and will never actually get together.
Tyler: Why do people keep shipping me and Kyle together? I don't even talk to him that much.

Jack: So, you two are shipmates?
by Bonnie The Tattletail October 30, 2020
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When 2 or more sailors go out on liberty in a foreign port and the drunkest sailor buys the hookers and in the morning realizes how much he spent and asks his buddies for some of the money back. Never all of it.
Jay got hammered last night in Hong Kong and bought us all hookers. Then he had the nerve to ask for some money the next morning saying he was giving us the shipmate discount.
by Sir-Nasty February 26, 2010
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