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The same thing as period week. Nobody is getting laid during this time, and the most a guy can reasonably expect is a blowjob.

Often the only time some guys can connive oral out of sexually stingy partners.
"Hey man, did you bang that girl last night?"
"Nah, turns out it was head week."
"Right on!"

by D-Moneys April 06, 2008

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(n) Scrotum. Nautical term.
"Stow your seabag shipmate, we don't have all day."
"Jeff punched Ryan in the seabag because he was being an idiot."
"I emptied my seabag all over her face."
by D-Moneys October 17, 2006

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A conversation that's held in an out of the way place, or is about something you shouldn't be talking about, or is talked about in a clandestine way.
I pulled Mike aside to have a covertsation with him before he went into our boss' office and found out that he was in a lot of trouble.
by D-Moneys July 28, 2008

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