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The rail fan's equivalent of weeaboo, derived from foaming at the mouth at the sight of some trains
Foamer: zOmG tHaT's A uNiOn PaCiFiC DD40XX
Honest rail fan: fuckin' foamers...
by CaptainOppai November 13, 2021
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Asuka: Yumi, have you seen Katsuragi anywhere?
Yumi: no, I--
Katsuragi: *gropes Asuka* nyeheheheh!~
by CaptainOppai December 4, 2021
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A noun for someone who unironically believes in conspiracy theories, or uses conspiracy theories to try and make themselves look smart--often at times during valid arguments with a normally solid foundation

The term "buzzy" gets its namesake from a comparison to the mind of the individual in question to a nest of bees, wasps, or hornets; in reference to how scatterbrained they sound
"What if we're the aliens and the government is just hiding it from us? What I'm trying to say is you can only prove your own consciousness."
"You are the most buzzy bitch I have ever seen."
by CaptainOppai July 16, 2021
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British slang for the unfortunate circumstance where you take a left turn too hard
"Where's your car, mate?"
"Fockin' binned it on the way 'ere"
"Bloody Christ"
by CaptainOppai September 6, 2021
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A derogatory term for someone who mains the Scout in Team Fortress 2. These players are often seen using the Force-A-Nature, Bonk, and the Sandman religiously as their weapons. The most common ones wear Gibbus hats, while the rarest ones wear lime green dyed clothes and maybe even a matching Unusual Hat.
"Can we kick a few of these Scunts off the server? Get some Medics or Engies in here, please."
by CaptainOppai August 8, 2018
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A level up from a cup-a-cheese, a Hapoopen is when you fart in your hand and throw it at someone's face. The more you sound like Ryu from Street Fighter, the better
Guy 1: *fart* *chuck* HAPOOPEN!!!
Guy 2: *sniff, sniff* aw dude what the fuck!?
by CaptainOppai June 12, 2022
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An absolute giga-chad of a TF2 player who mains the heavy weapons guy, or simply "The Heavy". Often times, these players see the potential of the Heavy as both a pillar of defense and a force to be reckoned with, with his wide array of weapons giving the team that cutting edge it needs
Player: there's too many Scunts on our team. We need something better
Heavy Main: *joins game*
by CaptainOppai December 4, 2021
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