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A family. Extremely loud, obnoxious and often times, just outright weird. DO NOT GIVE THEM NOISE MAKERS. Way too many people in one house, and excessive swearing often happens. If you are within a one mile radius of them and a gun, take caution. Donlons are psycho, but you cannot help loving them.
Person 1: What is all that noise?!?!?!?!?
Person 2: Oh, thats just the Donlons.
by THEAWESOMECOUSINS December 30, 2010
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A balding homosexual male who sends out way too many stupid e-mails at work and thinks that they are funny but his co-workers think that he is just a stupid idiot.

See also "Gerp"
"Hey John, is your Blackberry working?"
"No, Steve it isn't. That new asshole in accounting is cluttering up by inbox, he is such a Donlon. "
by Chang June 20, 2003
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