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1. the practice of hitting on a friend's boy/girlfriend
2. cheating on your boy/girlfriend
1. I can't believe he tried scumbagging on my girl!
2. You should have seen Rodolfo last night, he was scumbagging on every girl in sight!
by BrianLacey April 01, 2008
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The act of drinking alcohol in public for everyone to see.
Person 1:Hey, do you want to go out tonight?
Person 2:Yeah, where are we going?
Person 1:We were planning on going scumbagging!
by Darkdungeon69420 August 22, 2017
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A man or girl that takes advantage of the other gender. They take advantage by getting personal with no try or of emotional appeal to them l. They just want them for sexual favors and to use them
Mason was scumbagging last night with Maggie
by Getmidget July 07, 2017
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