A girl with a bad body but a nice face.
You know that really fat girl? Her face is actually kind of nice. She's such a scuffin muffin.
by DaCoachJr July 31, 2009
The technical definition of the opposite of butterface: a member of the more feminine sex who's face is more attractive than her body.
Guy A: "You know that girl Lindsay Lohan? Dude, she is the only girl to ever transfer left to right along the Butterface-Scuffin Muffin Spectrum (B-SMS)."
Guy B: "In what way?"
Guy A: "Well her body was really smoking, and her face wasn't that great in comparison, but when she did drugs, she went all emaciated sudanese on us and her face never looked better by comparison."
by Cunty Punter October 16, 2010
Someone With both a ugly face and ugly body, more or less the combination of both a butterface (someone with an ugly face and an alright body) and scuffin muffin (someone with a cute face and ugly body).

Could replace the term: Ugly
Girl #1: That girl I hooked up with last night was super hot
Girl #2: Ya right, she was a butterfaced-scuffin muffin
by NAR-WHAL!!! March 9, 2012
when your ballin ass crispy shoes get dirt and or debris on them. generally white shoes like fubus or some jordans or any kind of gangsta ass kicks you reppin to be fresh to death. scuffin usually occurs when getting arrested by th cops, someone stepping on your shoes, getting evicted or paying child support.
deavon: yo dog are those your crispy nigga dunks dem shoes is fucking fresh yo

Tre: yeah but those busted ass cops be scuffin up my dunks when they came in my place cuz i didnt pay rent! i need a fresh new pair now

deavon: i feel ya dog fuckin cops always be scuffin up a niggas dunks
by ipwnblacks September 4, 2010
The spectrum by which a girl's body is rated in comparison to her face, where butterface is an ugly face v a nice body and scuffin muffin is a nice face v an ugly body. A zero is optimal, denoting your body and face are roughly at the same attractiveness level.
Guy: "Ehh I'll give her a overall 7.5 on the hotness scale, but on the Butterface-Scuffin Muffin Spectrum (B-SMS) she's moderately leaning towards Scuffin Muffin."
by Cunty Punter October 16, 2010
To mark yourself by fucking with someone else. Make yourself a target for instigating a situation
Nigga all you doing is scuffin' yourself when you test me
by Ankletpisser June 24, 2017
The lovechild between a fluffy muffin and a scone.
"This scuffin is so good, can I have this every morning?"
by PimpstressMI October 3, 2014