Scuffed LLC is a company created by Paul Denino and Brent Kaskel widely regarded as a ponzi scheme. Many investors have decided not to invest in Scuffed LLC due to its ties to the alt-right as well as the fact Brent Kaskel's previous experience of running a company (Archon) ended up in bankruptcy within months despite tens of millions being invested.

Although efforts have been made by the company to keep investors private, leaks have confirmed that at this current moment in time the two of the main investors are Alki David (owner of FilmOn) and Ross Perkins (president of the now defunct streaming site
If you invest in a SCUFFED LLC, don't expect to get any of your money back.
by Hampton Brandono March 6, 2019
An adjective used to denote a total lack of belief. Only really cool people use this phrase.
Tim: "Yo what do you think of Thomas?"
Gerard: "Honestly, most of what that guy says is scuffed sussy bro, no cap."
by r3ub July 2, 2021
A livestream that is plagued with issues.
Did you watch Athena yesterday? Her mic kept messing up and she was dropping frames all over the place, it was a pretty scuffed stream.
by Kappaa May 11, 2019
The method 'forgetting' the lubrication but going ahead and trying to force anal sex anyway.
"I wanna give my bird anal tonight but we are out of lube, guess I'm going to be meat scuffing again"
by Laguna1970 April 29, 2008
A gaming controller with extra paddles/buttons, grip, and thumb sticks with the main purpose of being able to do in game things like, jump, switch weapons without lifting your thumbs from the sticks. Any controller like this is a scuf controller. The best brand of these are from SCUF.
Guy 1: yo bro what controller u use?
Guy 2: I’m on a scuf controller bro
by Poopmer7 January 4, 2021
Connor Ruthven.
Connor is a scuffed cunt, he just is.
by Monoceli May 17, 2019